The release of the latest CD from JV , A Tone Hound on the last train to Corona is available now!

'Tone Hound' downloads - in a number of formats including mp3 here: 

Tone Hound

Why Tone Hound? And why Corona?

In the making of this album I went to great lengths to ensure integrity of the audio.

My amps were built by hand, have the best components and use valves. My guitars were designed and built especially for me, are kept in great shape and use vintage formula electronics. Every device in my set-up is chosen to have no detrimental effect on the tone of my guitars. As soon as my guitar strings show any signs of deterioration they are changed for new ones. I use the finest microphones, and keep the signal path as short as possible. I recorded digitally at the highest sampling rates and the album is available both as a CD and for download at extended sample rates for those who need that little extra.

I try not to let any of this affect the performance - the first take is often the best but the preparation is vital. Is that microphone really in the right place?

Because of all this, a good friend of mine thinks I’m a Tone Hound! Oh, and Corona?...

Well when I see this word I think of renewal, a fresh start, a new beginning...Work it out...

The live JV Band is a 3 Piece. Bob Henrit plays Drums. When Bob is otherwise engaged its either Steve Rodford or John Clark. On Bass it will be Mark Griffiths, or Bob Skeat, or Jim Rodford, or Andy Childs, or Jamie Mallender, or Gav Coulson, or Russell Rodford. Its a fluid line-up. Every one of these guys plays great and each line-up is subtly different.

- JV, from the sleeve notes