Gear update:

The 'Fret King Black Label Corona JV Signature' my main guitar on stage and in the studio - my pride and joy!

Follow the link to see/hear one:


The core of my tone - Effectrode Blackbird.

I use this as a tube/valve front-end for everything I do. My amps are basicically set flat and the Blackbird does the rest - lovely cleans, and then my slightly overdriven/hot sound that cleans up nicely with the guitar volume control. Lovely!

See one here:

Hear one on every electric track of the new JV album - 'Tone Hound - on the last train to Corona'

When I need to rock things up a little I turn to TwinStomp - these great pedals give me some grit when I need it with their S21 Overdrive, and TwinStomp AB-Y boxes split the signal between my amps to ensure noise-free performance in all gigging situations. Priceless!

Check 'em out here:!twinstomp-s21overdrive/cdbz

Current stage amp setup - JV BBs combined with my Marshall 1974's are a killer combination!

4 x 10" plus 2 x 12" speakers - all made by Tayden in ENGLAND!

JV Amps May 14

The JV_BB Heads with Tayden loaded 2 x 10" cabs plus Marshall 1974/1974x loaded with Tayden 12s ...

The 10s and 12s sound truly amazing together...


The rest of my pedalboard currently consists of a Delay pedal and Mooer Tremulator. I'm still searching for the ideal Tremelo pedal, trying out various combinations but nothing settled yet. In the studio I use the trem on my Fender '65 Deluxe Reverb...

My old friend, and of course JV Band drummer Bob Henrit has his amazingly entertaining memoir out now for all to enjoy...


A hugely entertaining memoir of the legendary British drummer whose unerring sense of timing and rhythmic flair provided the rock solid base for Adam Faith, The Roulettes, The Kinks, Argent, The Zombies, Don McLean, Richie Havens, Ringo Starr, Colin Blunstone, Unit 4 + 2,  Honeybus, Richard Anthony, Roger Daltrey, Leo Sayer and Ian Mathews.

Illustrated with a wealth of photos and personal recollections of Keith Moon, Cliff Richard, David Bowie, The Shadows, Queen, The Hollies, Sandy Shaw, Genesis and many more whose music will forever echo throughout the airwaves and digits of the world.

Born in 1944, Bob Henrit grew up in Hertfordshire and was educated at a Catholic college.

Having mastered the washboard by the age of twelve, within a short time he was playing drums for Adam Faith.

A founder member of Argent, he went on to play with (among others) Don McLean and Richie Havens, before joining Ray and Dave Davies in The Kinks. 

He’s had a diverse career in music as player, writer, film-maker, broadcaster, drumstore owner and inventor.

Happily married with three children and two granddaughters he lives with some of them in Enfield.

His time is spent writing, reading, public-speaking, travelling, indulging in various sports and, of course, drumming. 

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