Gear update:

The 'Fret King Black Label Corona JV Signature' my main guitar on stage and in the studio - my pride and joy!

Follow the link to see/hear one:

 I'm currently carrying 3 of these guitars for live shows, the original one which is stock, just as it came from the factory with the exception of the tuners - I've had a set of Sperzel locking tuners fitted courtesy of First Line Distribution. Next there is the Gold JV, which again has Sperzel tuners and has also been fitted with Bare Knuckle Trilogy Suite pickups - stunning! The final JV is the stock 2-colour sunburst, with Sperzels again, and a set of Bare Knuckle '62 veneer board pickups. This one has all nickel fittings instead of the stock gold fittings on the other two...

Each of these guitars has the signature JV sound, but with a slightly different flavour from each one. I love them all!

The core of my tone - Effectrode Blackbird.

I use two of these as a tube/valve front-end for everything I do. My amps are basicically set flat and the Blackbird does the rest - lovely cleans, and then my slightly overdriven/hot sound that cleans up nicely with the guitar volume control. Lovely!

See them here

Hear one on every electric track of the new JV album - 'BLUE TO MY SOUL'.

When I'm using my JTM45 and need to rock things up a little I turn to TwinStomp - these great pedals give me some grit when I need it with their Booster and S21 Overdrive, which have been a staples on my last 4 albums, especially when I'm using the JTM45. Built in the UK by hand they are totally reliable and built to last - Check 'em out here:!twinstomp-s21overdrive/cdbz 

Current stage amp setup - JV Baby Beano with Supro Royal Reverb.

BB has 2x10" speakers made by Tayden in ENGLAND! The Supro has 2x10" U.S designed speakers.

I'm now using a ScottDixon DB212 cabinet for my JTM45, loaded with Celestion Creamback Neo speakers in the studio.

If I need to extend my backline in a live situation I'll augment the Beano/Supro setup with a Blug Amp1 driving the ScottDixon DB212.

Stage backline

A JV_BB Head with Tayden loaded 2 x 10" cab plus Supro Royal Reverb ...

Tayden - JVs loudspeaker of choice...

Paul at Tayden very kindly voiced some speakers especially for me following discussions we've had about what I'm looking for in speakers for my Baby Beano amp, and the results are spot-on.

Paul listened to what I had to say and came up with the perfect solution -

specially voiced versions of his 'True Brit' (10") drivers.

I'm proud to endorse these hand-made, in England, loudspeakers and would say to any guitarist out there looking to improve their setup - try some Taydens - you'll be impressed...

Tayden retail distribution is via 'Lean Business'

Trade and professional enquiries:

It's JV Fret King time!

OK - Now my main stage guitar, the Fret King Corona JV is well played in having done lots of gigs/sessions during the latter half of 2013...


Sounds better than I could have hoped - well done Trev (Trev Wilkinson) you're a genius!

The actual guitar is in 2-colour sunburst - no red paint to obscure the vital resonances required to get the authentic JV sound!

Don't be fooled by the 3 single coils - there's a further coil hidden under the scratchplate that ups the output considerably..!


JHS Event - JV at the Fret King stand with the very handsome Lars Mullen!


First outing for the Fret King JV signature, at a JHS Event - with Bob Henrit on drums,

and the amazing Gav Coulson on bass...


Watch this space!

JV :)