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Phoenix Jim 1976

On a sad note, some of you reading this may be aware that one of my oldest and dearest friends, Jim Rodford has passed away.

Jim and I had been close since we first met in the early 70's. We were in Argent and Phoenix together, and Jim guested many times with the JV Band though we remained close even when we weren't working together.

A true 'Gentleman Jim', we'll miss you old friend.


Here are the latest reviews of "Blue to my Soul" the lastest Album from JV, updated as they come in.  Buy your copy Now!!! and then This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Blue To My Soul is, an album that, as its title reinforces, plays from where John Verity’s musical heart and soul lie, but with a more varied menu that flits between full on blues, radio friendly hooks and a couple of stylistically different offerings."Ross Muir FabricationsHQ

 "It is rare to find music so complete, so perfectly layered and multi-faceted as that contained on this record."  - Sunmouse Amazon Review

"John's guitar playing is a joy, whether it be soulful acoustic or driving amplified in style. What marks him out from others, to my ears at least, is his timing and feel which are close to perfection."  - Peter H Amazon Review

 "This album was clearly made with love, by a man with a voice from out of this world....and guitar playing that blows your mind!" - Temp20148 Amazon Review

An amazing year!

We've had the pleasure to work with some amazing musicians again throughout 2016 - here's to more of the same as we approach an exciting New Year...

Here are some pics of the varying lineups - Longest serving first!!

 Bob Henrit

Henrit 1

My Old Mucker Mr Henrit. Over 40 years sharing the same stage/studio with many more to come - we hope! 

We first worked together with Argent of course, then Phoenix and just about every JV recording since - including the Christmas CDs!


'Blue to my Soul' is JV's 20th album since the 'Argent' days and finds John once again in the company of some great musicians, continuing along his chosen path of blues flavoured originals and covers. As ever, the music is powerful yet soulful, mixing UK style guitar blues influences with strong choruses, and lyrics bound to make you smile and perhaps even make you cry...

'Blue to my Soul' comprises six JV originals together with four covers, three of which are already in the JV Band live set, plus an acoustic version of Alabama Blues, featuring Max Milligan on guitar.

The rest of the album features: Steve Rodford or Liam James Gray on drums. Bob Skeat, Roger Inniss, John Gordon or Jamie Mallender on bass. Jamie Pipe, Bob Fridzema, or Ian Gibbons on keyboards. Bianca Kinane or Jayne Tretton on background vocals. The CD is recorded, mixed and mastered entirely at 101 Recorders, Cardington UK.

JV says :-

“When writing and recording for a new album I always try to recall the feedback we’ve had from people at gigs, and online. It’s also useful to bear in mind the response to different types of music on my previous albums. It’s not always the ‘obvious’ ones that capture people’s imagination – sometimes I’ve been really surprised at the reaction I’ve had from certain types of material. That has taught me to have an open mind and just go with my gut feeling and enjoy what I’m creating regardless of the style of music. I know for example that people expect to hear some blues, and some with a rockier edge.

I’ve learned that when I wear my heart on my sleeve most people don’t mind, and can see what I’m trying to say. Some of my more thoughtful songs have turned out to be the most popular.

When it comes to overall choice of material I remember how impressed I was on hearing each new Beatles album in the 60s, and the way they weren’t afraid to do all sorts of different styles of music, and make it work under one roof. Whatever I do is always going to have a blues/rock edge and I feel that this thread ties it all together. Finally, for this album I had to recall the times when people would look through the CDs on our merchandise stand at gigs, asking ‘which one’s ‘Hold Your Head Up’ on?

Well the answer now is - ‘Blue to my Soul’!”

Available NOW from CCNOW and AMAZON (AMAZON US) soon on Spotify, Google Music and iTunes.

jv live 2017

John Verity Band Live 2017 is the first completely live set from the band for some considerable time. ‘Playing live in front of an appreciative crowd is the best part of what we do – it’s what keeps us rocking’ says JV. This live set features regular favourites, plus a selection from the current JV album ‘My Religion’ - of course ‘Hold Your Head Up’. Recorded at one of the bands favourite venues, the Stables has been the scene of many great shows from JV and the band, and this show is one of the best… Over an hour of great music played in a fantastic venue in front of an amazing audience. You can be there…