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Time of the Season (Written by Rod Argent)

Recorded at Trident Studios in London's West End and released on Rocket Records in 1978 with the original composition 'Daylight Robbery' on the B-side

Produced by John Verity and Lem (Howard) Lubin, the A side begins with Jim Rodford's excellent fretless bass line which uses harmonics to great effect, followed by the keyboard part played by Ian Gibbons - one of the 'Guests' in the 2009 re-incarnation of the band. Bob Henrit brings in the rhythm along with John Verity and Ray Minhinnett on guitars. All vocals by JV

Time of the Season 2009 version will be prominent in the bands new set...

Phoenix-Time of the Season.mp3

Video Downloads

From the Ashes (Written by John Verity)

Filmed at Shepperton Studios as part of a promo video for the first Phoenix album - not at a live gig as is often reported.

Jim is seen playing 'Mellotron' - played by Rod Argent on the album recording - and note the huge drum set behind which a black-eyed Henrit is hiding!

It is provided in mp4 video format, suitable for iPod and PSP.

Phoenix From the Ashes.mp4

Phoenix, from the Ashes

Easy (Written by John Verity)

Easy was the first Phoenix single release on CBS Records.

The band appeared on 'Supersonic' to promote the single - the track was recorded live prior to the broadcast, but in very raw form with no overdubs, just as a normal live performance would be, acompanied by the usual Mike Mansfield 'Supersonic' introduction!

It is provided in mp4 video format, suitable for iPod and PSP.

Phoenix Easy.mp4

Phoenix, Easy

2009 Phoenix Rocks You
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