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PHOENIX - Still Burning

Originally formed in 1976 from the ashes of 70’s super group ARGENT, the band recorded 3 albums before splitting amicably to allow John Verity to concentrate on record production.

While both Bob Henrit and Jim Rodford toured the world with the KINKS Since then however, the guys have taken every opportunity available to come together for impromptu gigs, and session work wherever possible - Bob has been the regular drummer in the John Verity Band for live work and recording, with Jim often filling bass duties.

There have always been enquiries via the JV website as to whether there might be another PHOENIX album in the pipeline or maybe some gigs, and then out of the blue the original CBS and Charisma albums were re-released...

Following some festival dates in the summer of 2009, the guys went into the studio to record once again, this time with Mark Griffiths on bass and Ian Gibbons on keyboards. The resulting recordings, coupled with live tracks from the summer’s performances (two tracks with Jim Rodford on bass, one with Bob Skeat) form this latest set - 'Still Burning'

The PHOENIX is back!

Track Listing :-

1. Say Why (What's going on?) (John Verity) 2. Liar (Russ Ballard) 3. Time of the Season (Rod Argent) 4. Chuck-a-Boy (John Verity) 5. If this is Love (John Verity) 6. Too Hot (to Hug) (John Verity / Max Milligan) 7. Stay With me (Ragavoy / Weiss) 8. Hold Your head Up (Argent / White) 9. God gave Rock and Roll to You (Russ Ballard)

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"Still Burning" is now available on CD and downloadable as MP3 worldwide from CDBABY and will shortly be available on iTunes.
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PHOENIX - 2009 Single, Stay with me Baby

1. Stay With Me Baby (Ragavoy / Weiss)

Recorded Live 2009 and mixed at JV's studio in Bedfordshire. Bob Henrit (drums), Bob Skeat (Bass), Ian Gibbons (Keyboards)' John Verity (Guitar and Vocals)

The new Phoenix line-up for 2009! Bass playing duties will be shared between Skeaty and Mark Griffiths, though there may even be the odd appearances by Jim Rodford when he's available...

2. You keep me hanging on (Holland / Dozier / Holland)

Recorded at Livingston Studios London 1981 Bob Henrit (drums), David Wintour (Bass), Rod Argent (Keyboards), John Verity (guitars and vocals)

3. Fallin' (John Verity)

Recorded at Trident Studio London 1977, overdubs and mix at JV Studio in Yorkshire 1981 Originally destined for the second Phoenix album on CBS, but never released. Bob Henrit (Drums), Terry Uttley (Bass), Rod Argent (Keyboards), John Verity (vocals, guitars, bowed guitar)

PHOENIX - 2009 3-track single, Stay with me Baby
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"Stay with me baby" is now available on CD and as MP3 worldwide from CDBABY and is currently being processed by iTunes, You may also buy from CCNOW for 4.50 postage and packing included
PHOENIX - 30th anniversary re-issue on CD

PHOENIX - the 30th anniversary re-issue of an album which influenced the late 70s new -wave of UK heavy rock... - First Released 1976 Re-Released December 2006

Following the demise of ARGENT, John Verity, Bob Henrit and Jim Rodford decided the time was right for a much more straight ahead approach and with this in mind wrote and recorded a series of tracks at Trident Studios, London. The resultant PHOENIX recordings were released in 1976 on vinyl, and have never been available on CD until now... The timing was not right for the band to achieve the success it deserved, but nevertheless the album proved to be a huge influence on many musicians disturbed at what was happening on the UK music scene in the mid- 70s. There was a new-wave of UK rock later in the 70s and early 80s - but heres your chance to check out some of the work which influenced this newbreed of UK rockers... PHOENIX - HENRIT, RODFORD, and VERITY.

If you fancy yourself a British rock historian, Phoenix is a power trio you should know about. - Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

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PHOENIX - 30th anniversary re-issue on CD

1. Easy (John Verity) 2. Drowning in Tears (Jim Rodford) 3. From the Ashes (John Verity) 4. Winnebago (Robert Henrit) 5. Try a Little Rock & Roll (John Verity) 6. A Woman Like You (John Verity) 7. Missippi Kneckbone (Jim Rodford) 8. I'll Be Back For More (John Verity) 9. Honey  (John Verity) 10. I'll Be Gone (Robert Henrit)

PHOENIX: John Verity - Guitar, Vocal. Robert Henrit - Drums, Percussion. Jim Rodford - Bass, Vocal, Guitar & Keyboards.

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